About us

From individual charms with unique designs, to beautiful necklaces and bracelets, Surreal jewellery is one range that’s sure to capture every style. In 2006 Surreal Jewellery became the official brand of jewellery for a very successful Australian hand-made jewellery business, Isaac Jewellery in Sydney, Australia.

Originally, Mr Isa Atakliyan, a goldsmith and artisan with an exuberant know-how and craftsmanship of 35 years, joined forces with Ms Annet Atakliyan (BBA, MBA), to take part in business development and brand management. This joint endeavour has proven to be a success, featuring in major fashion magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, American Express Platinum Magazines, which all feature Surreal as high quality hand-made jewellery.

Whilst partnering with exquisite stores in Australia, New Zealand, England and through our online store, Surreal Jewellery has become part of the global market. Surreal Jewellery is available in 9ct and 18ct yellow, white, rose gold and platinum.

After Mr Atakliyan’s sudden passing away, Ms Annet Atakliyan became the Director and Owner of Surreal Jewellery. She has a vision of passing her creative treasures on to her daughter, Sydney Lorrie Atakliyan, who is already blossoming into a valuable designer at a young age.

Sydney designed a range of “Ivy & Sydney” stacker bangles for Surreal collections. Our passion for excellence has brought together some of the best designers and craftsmanship into our studio. Our jewellery will hold its value as the materials used are sourced from Australia.

Timeless designs and Surreal collections are passed on and enjoyed as family heirlooms to other generations.